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Upping Your Game With Supplements


As an athlete, finding a way to boost performance safely can be difficult. It can take an entire year of dedicated effort to shave a fraction of a second off of your time, but that fraction can mean the difference between making the podium or not.

Supplements are one tool you can use to help improve performance. Many athletes are turning to traditional herbs and ancient mushrooms to help boost their performance, and you can too. Here are a few of the most popular supplements.

Cordyceps Extract

Many studies have been conducted on Cordycep mushrooms and athletic performance. The evidence backing them is extremely strong. Science has proven they can improve your ATP, Vo2 Max, lowers your heart rate, and improves your cholesterol levels.

What does this mean for you? A powerful heart and vascular system that can bring oxygen to your struggling muscles better and faster than ever. No matter what sort of sport you're into, the ability to move oxygen around your body efficiently will boost your performance.

Chaga Extract

A 2015 study conducted in mice found that mice who were fed a chaga supplement were able to swim longer than mice who did not. While mice and humans are very different, chaga has been used for centuries by those who live in cold climates to help give them more endurance. In particular, hunters, foresters, and other outdoor workers in places such as Russia and Scandinavian countries have long used this mushroom to help boost their endurance.

Endurance is very important in athletics. It's the difference between being able to outlast your opponent in a wrestling match, or to have something left for a final push at a swim meet. Even sprinters can benefit from added endurance. Chaga is wonderful for this.

Olive Leaf Extract

If you're at all familiar with the benefits of olive oil, olive leaf extract has many of the same benefits and more with no added calories. Olive leaf extract benefits the cardiovascular system, giving you a strong healthy heart to support you during strong athletic performances.

Many Olympic athletes use olive leaf extract in their programs. Many athletes who take it report more vigor. It may also have use in muscle differentiation—the bodies ability to improve or maintain adaptations from exercise.

The secret is hydroxytyrosol, one of the most potent antioxidants found in nature to date. Olive leaf extract is filled with many such antioxidants, making it one of the overall best supplements to take for athletic performance.

If you workout every day, eat well, and are approaching the limits of your ability, supplements can help you pave a way forward. Many supplements are packed with other nutrients, making them not just great for athletic performance, but for general health as well.

These three supplements are some of our favorites, and can be easily used in extract form in smoothies, teas, and in your food. A good quality supplement could be all you need in order to break a personal record.

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