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Racing During Covid-19

by Jacob Riff |

Covid-19 saw the end of racing as we know it. Famous marathons were postponed or canceled. Many runners found themselves grappling not just with the sudden losses and restrictions placed on them, but also with their goals suddenly pulled out from under them.

Almost a year later, the racing world looks radically different from the pre-covid races we used to know. Much has changed, but you can still be competitive and keep yourself motivated with races during the pandemic. Here's what you need to know.

Virtual Racing

A common solution for races during the pandemic has been virtual racing. During a virtual race, participants are given a certain mileage and record their time for those miles using an app. The time is then uploaded to companies hosting the events such as Race Roster, a London, Ont.-based event management company.

Through these companies you can earn medals and see how you stack up against other runners, making it competitive and fun, while still socially distant.

Many races normally held in person have also taken to running their races virtually, including Spartan Racing, a popular obstacle course run, and many charity runs.

Virtual racing has for the most part, become the solution to racing during Covid-19. Members in virtual racing groups on Facebook have swelled, and the positive community spirit is uplifting. If you see a new runner holding up their first medal on a virtual racing site, chances are you'll see dozens or even hundreds of comments congratulating them on their achievements. The team spirit of these races are motivating, and a great way to get back into running, especially for those who have only recently turned to running as a form of exercise.

In Person Racing is Not Recommended

There are very few in person races available right now, and for good reason. No in person races are considered safe at this point, and while some are being held, they are generally for elite athletes trying to prepare for major events such as the Olympics.

If you are able to enter these races, it's important to look carefully at how they are being handled. The number of people should be limited, staff should be wearing masks and gloves, and ideally the runners should be tested for Covid before competing.

Tips for Staying Healthy While Running

Covid-19 is a big risk for any event that takes you near other people. Even if it is simply passing someone walking their dog as you run, transmission is still possible. You can help by keeping yourself healthy with supplements designed to boost your immunity. There are a number of wonderful options out there to help boost your immune system, from Bee Propolis Spray to Olive Leaf Extract.

You can also make transmission less likely by staying 6 or more feet away from other people on your runs, and being cautious about events you choose to attend.

Although Covid-19 has virtually put an end to in-person racing, it's still possible to be competitive and even get a medal, through online venues and racing groups designed to keep the competitive spirit alive.

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