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Make a Change With Magnolia Bark


If you're struggling to lose weight, chances are you have tried it all. You've tried every diet, every supplement promising major weight loss, and every exercise routine. Sometimes the answer to a solid weight loss program isn't a scientifically formulated fat loss pill, but in ancient remedies that has been around for centuries.

Magnolia bark is traditionally used for relaxation and sleep, but it also has some other surprising uses. One of these uses is to help those struggling with weight to shed pounds. Here's what the extract from the bark of the Magnolia tree can do for you, and for your health.

Protects Against Weight Gain

There have been just a few limited studies on Magnolia bark and weight loss, but those studies have been very promising. Magnolia bark has been shown in mice to protect against weight gain in a high fat diet. Researchers have begun looking at Magnolia bark in combination with other herbs in human trials, and the results have been promising.

Magnolia bark can protect against farther weight gain, and may also help in the weight loss process. Dieting and exercise is already hard enough on its own, and even a little bit of help can make a difference.

Reduces Stress Eating

Besides actively working on your body, Magnolia bark can help you maintain a healthy body weight indirectly as well. Stress is directly linked to weight gain, and Magnolia bark can help reduce stress levels. This can help by reducing your need to reach for comfort foods, but also by reducing how much cortisol is in your blood.

Excess cortisol tends to result in fat collecting in the abdominal area. Magnolia bark can help by reducing overall cortisol levels, and symptoms of chronic stress along with it, such as weight gain.

Improves Sleep

One other common cause of weight gain is lack of sleep. When you are suffering from sleep deprivation, you tend to have less ability to resist temptation. You end up making poorer food choices, and may feel too tired to keep to your exercise program.

Lack of sleep isn't just about poor food choices though, it can also directly effect your metabolism. Lack of sleep is associated with slower metabolism, which can make the food you do eat stick around longer. While it won't help you if you already get 7 or more hours of sleep, if you are sleeping less than 6 hours and start to sleep for longer, you are more likely to lose weight.

Losing weight is very difficult. Humans have survived for millennia due in part by being able to avoid starvation through their fat stores. Our body is designed to keep fat on as much as possible, and reversing it is very difficult.

Even with a good diet and exercise program, losing weight can still be challenging. Quality supplements can help give you an edge, so that losing weight and getting to your healthy ideal weight is that much easier.

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