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Preparing Magnolia Bark Tea: A Simple Recipe


Magnolia bark is an ancient herbal remedy that has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes. Past civilizations have used it as a digestive aid, to help with inflammation and ease pain, and to promote good mental health.

Many of these benefits have been proven by science. Magnolia bark is especially good for inflammation, anxiety, depression, and to help with sleep problems. If you've decided that Magnolia bark is something you want to include as a regular part of your diet, here is a simple recipe for Magnolia bark tea, and the different ways it can be used.


One of the big benefits of choosing an extract powder over Magnolia bark itself is that it is instant. Simply dissolving your daily dose of extract into hot water is enough to make a drinkable tea. If you're drinking this in the morning, you can also give yourself a boost by making a cup of green tea as normal, but adding the Magnolia bark extract into the tea while it is steeping.

Some people find the flavor of magnolia bark tea unpleasant no matter how it is prepared. If you are one of these people, but still want to take advantage of all of it's benefits, some people choose to use much less water, and take the extract as a shot.

As long as there is enough water to properly dissolve the extract, you can make it with as little water as it takes for you to get it down in a gulp or two.

Another option to disguise the flavor is to mix it with orange juice.

Uses For Leftover Tea

A common use for Magnolia bark tea is actually as a mouthwash. If you are looking for a natural mouthwash that will get rid of odor causing bacteria and keep your mouth fresh without fluoride or alcohol, magnolia bark tea is a great solution. Simply use the recipe above, but instead of drinking it swish out your moth with it. Magnolia bark has antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe your gums, and isn't dangerous if you swallow it.

When to Take Magnolia Bark Tea

When you should take the tea depends on what use you are hoping to get out of it. If you are hoping it will help you sleep, taking the tea (without any caffeinated additions such as green tea) about two hours before bedtime can help relax you into sleep.

You can take the tea at any time during the day to help with mental health such as depression or anxiety, and if you're hoping it will help with joint pain, a morning cup might be best.

Magnolia bark tea has a variety of uses, and is a wonderful supplement to take in general. If you've been looking for ways to take Magnolia bark, this tea offers a great base recipe you can toy with until you find a drink that works for you.

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