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Is Social Distancing Weakening Your Immune System?

by Jacob Riff |  | 1 comment

Covid-19 has caused big changes all over the world. Masks are now required almost everywhere, people are staying home from work and school, and lines are spaced out to avoid catching the novel coronavirus.

This extra care to avoid infection is important to avoid this deadly disease, and it’s also making us less likely to catch other infections such as the cold or flu as well. This is generally a good thing—no one wants to get sick—but some people are questioning what it will do to our immune systems.

The “Hygiene” Hypothisis

The basis for this concern is the so called Hygiene Hypothisis, and there’s actually a bit of evidence backing it up. Studies show that if you were not exposed to many infections as a child, perhaps through super clean conditions and never being allowed to get dirty, your immune system doesn’t develop in the same way.

This leads those who lived in super clean environments to have trouble coping in the adult world filled with pathogens. As adults however, if you were exposed to illness as a child your immune system is already developed, and nothing will come of being isolated except not catching a cold or other illness.

The Real Danger From Social Distancing

FYI: We are not advocating against social distancing! Your immunity isn’t going to drop from not getting regularly exposed to pathogens, but you may still be at risk from a weakened immune system. Stress and loneliness have been shown to dampen your body’s ability to fight off disease, and isolation can cause both.

In order to combat this, it’s important to be up front with your feelings about social distancing, and to find ways to combat them safely. Stay in touch with your family and friends via zoom, phone calls, and letters. Exercise and eat healthy to combat stress. Get enough sleep. All of these will help you feel better and cope with changes brought by Covid-19 easier.

Give Your Immune System a Boost

If you’re worried about your immune system, you can also take supplements to help boost your immunity. Bee propolis is a great immune system booster that is easy to take, and has a lot of additional benefits such as helping balance blood sugar. 

Bee propolis can help your immune system stay in tip-top shape, so you can reduce your chances of getting infected by a pathogen, while at the same time keeping your immune system sharp for when we do inevitably go back to normal. Olive Leaf has also been known to greatly aid in boosting your immunity as well. Go snag an Immunity Bundle for big savings!

Your immune system isn’t in danger from social distancing, and you won’t compromise it by washing your hands and wearing a mask. You may however need a little boost to help your immune system if you find social distancing stressful or lonely.

Stay in touch with your feelings during this pandemic, and don’t be ashamed if the changes we have to make to stay safe are causing you to feel stressed. Stay healthy and sharp by looking after your immune system, addressing your stress or loneliness, and treating yourself well.

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