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How You Can Benefit From Mushroom Coffee

by Jacob Riff |

If you’re a dedicated coffee drinker, you’ve probably never thought about mixing mushroom extracts into your precious brew. Yet that’s what many people are doing, both at home and in specialty cafes around the globe.

Mushroom coffee is just what it sounds like, powdered mushroom extracts blended with coffee grounds and drunk like a normal cup of coffee. The coffee blend tastes different depending on what mushroom it is infused with, but often has a bitter or chai like taste to it.

The benefits from taking mushroom extracts regularly—whether added into your coffee or not—are real though. These are the most common extracts in mushroom coffee, and what they can do for your health.


Chaga has a lot of potential benefits to it. This mushroom has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, but has only just begun to be studied scientifically. The studies that have come in have been very good though.

Chaga is thought to help prevent cancer, shrink tumors, boost immune function, protect the liver, and reduce inflammation. That’s a lot of benefits from one little mushroom! Plus, it’s one of the best tasting in combination with coffee.


Reishi is another mushroom commonly blended with mushrooms. It offers many of the same benefits of Chaga, including cancer fighting abilities and immune system boosting. It may also help fight fatigue and depression, giving those who take it a mental boost as well as a physical one.

While there may be other benefits to the reishi mushroom, they’re not yet studied. These include blood sugar control and heart health, but until these purported benefits can be tested, they remain just possibilities for this fascinating mushroom.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s mane is best known for its neuroprotective effects. It can help keep your brain safe from the effects of aging. Not only can it help prevent memory loss over time, it has also been shown to help reverse damage that has already happened.

While studies have only been conducted in animals so far, they may also be able to help heal nervous system injuries, as well as boost mental health in general. Studies indicate they may be helpful in fighting depression and anxiety.

This is a wonderful mushroom for brain and nervous health, so if you want to protect these parts of the body, they make a sensible addition to your morning routine.

Why in coffee?

Our Chaga Extract in powdered form and can be mixed into anything. Coffee seems to lend itself best to these mushrooms for its taste however. Most mushrooms have an earthy, sometimes bitter flavor that might not taste so great by itself, but compliment a brew that already naturally contains these flavors.

By pairing your favorite mushrooms with a cup of coffee, you’re also tying it into a habit that helps you take advantage of this supplement on a regular basis.

If you haven’t tried adding extracts to your coffee, it might make for a fun experiment—not to mention a potentially healthy one.

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