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How to Stay Healthy During Air Travel

by Jacob Riff |

It’s the season for air travel, and many people are booking flights right now in happy anticipation of seeing relatives they may not have gotten together with in years. This year things are a little bit different however, and everyone is concerned about the ongoing pandemic that makes air travel a little bit trickier compared to other years.

Even in years past, getting sick on your flight has been a large concern. The flu and even a simple cold can ruin the time spent with your family, and that was before Covid-19 reared its ugly head. If you’re worried about going home your family, here are a few ways to make air travel safer.

Strengthen Your Immune System Before the Flight

Your immune system is your first, and your best defense against any disease. Every day it works hard to protect you from invaders, and the only time you actually do get sick from these daily onslaughts is when something manages to sneak past.

You can help your immune system through supplements geared toward giving it a boost. Bee propolis is a well known supplement that can help with your immune system. Start using the spray several days before your flight if possible, so that your immune system is boosted before you need it.

Stay Hydrated

Your body simply can’t perform at its best if it doesn’t have the liquid to do it. Hydrating your body can help make the immune systems job easier by flushing out bacteria and virus before they can take hold, as well as making hundreds of other smaller functions easier. Help your body work to its maximum potential by drinking plenty of fluids starting several days before the flight.

On the Flight, Skip the Tap Water

A test published in the Wall Street Journal found that bacteria, including nasty bugs like E. Coli. They took a sample from 14 different flights, and found that these bacterias are the norm, not just one bad example.

The reason for this is that the water tanks are seldom washed out, leaving them vulnerable to germ build up from flight, after flight, after flight. Over time that is a significant amount of bacteria.

Follow CDC Guidelines

Right now, we have Covid-19 to worry about as well as the flu and cold. There are basic, common sense methods to staying safe in the face of these diseases. Wash your hands, wipe things down with anti-bacterial wipes, and wear a mask whenever possible. These can help cut your risks of catching the cold and influenza as well as Covid-19.

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