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How To Quit Smoking During a Pandemic

by Jacob Riff |

Quitting smoking is never easy, but the current pandemic makes doing so especially hard. Most of us are experiencing added stress due to isolation, working from home, job losses, and political turmoil. It’s a tough time to be alive, and much tougher to drop a habit that offers some stress reduction.

Although it may seem impossible, quitting smoking right now has some real benefits. Covid-19 effects smokers more severely than non-smokers. The chemicals in cigarettes, as well as the tar from smoking, work together to weaken the lungs.

Whether or not vaping also increases the severity of Covid-19 is still up for question, but for smokers there’s no time like the present to quit smoking. Here are a couple of ways you can do it, even in the face of the pandemic.

Control Your Stress

One of the biggest reasons it’s harder to quit during the pandemic is the added stress of isolation, fears of illness, and the unpredictability of life right now. While there’s little we can do about the current situation, we can take control of the stress itself.

Chamomile Extract is a proven relaxer, and can help reduce your stress in a natural way. As an added bonus, setting new habits like a warm cup of tea before bed, can help replace old habits that aren’t as good for you.

Another great tea to try is “Quit Tea” made with natural ingredients that both help you quit smoking, and help you relax.

Ask for Help

Right now, we need each other more than ever. It can be tough to fill in that void when you’re not even allowed to hug your own mom, but you can ask for support to help you quit. Video calls, staying in contact with friends, and staying busy can all help you quit smoking during the pandemic.

If you need something busy to do with your hands, writing your friends hand written letters can help make a difference.

Crowd out Old Habits

It’s much easier to form new habits than it is to break old ones, so another method to help quit is to crowd out your old habits with new ones. If your morning is tea time with meditation, your afternoon break is a walk with a lollipop or quit pick, lunch is face timed with friends, and more, it won’t be quite so hard.

You don’t have to have super human strength to quit smoking, even during the pandemic. Now may be more critical than ever for you to quit, so that should you do get ill you’ll have the strength to fight it off. Covid-19 doesn’t mean you can’t quit your old habits, you just need to recognize what is causing the problems in the first place.

By coping with the stress caused by the pandemic, you can put yourself in a place that is mentally healthy enough to quit smoking. You can do it, and you can get a new lease on life at the same time.

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