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Giving Up Smoking for New Years? Here’s How to Succeed.

by Jacob Riff |  | 1 comment

On the first day of January, it’s traditional for adults around the world to make a pledge, or New Year’s Resolution, on something they want to achieve in the New Year. In one poll conducted by Legacy, 34% of smokers polled said they were planning to give it up as part of their New Year’s resolution.

This is a great goal. Quitting smoking yields a lot of benefits, from reduced risk of lung cancer and other chronic diseases, to boosting your immunity so you get colds and seasonal flu less often. With that being said, quitting is very hard. Most people who set out to quit smoking fail.

If you’re thinking about quitting smoking for the New Year, here are a few recommendations to help you in your progress.

Give Yourself Abundant Self Care

When you don’t feel well, it becomes harder to handle the additional stress of quitting. Smokers are more prone to illness than other people, because their immune system is fighting toxins from smoke every single day.

To help keep yourself feeling strong and healthy, support your immune system and your lungs so that they feel as good as possible while you are transitioning.

One key to this may be bee propolis, a 2013 study conducted published in the journal Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, found that bee propolis can reduce inflammation in the lungs of smokers. Reduced inflammation will help make your lungs feel better, and in turn make you feel healthier and better able to resist that next cigarette.

Replace the Habit

It’s not just the nicotine that is a pleasurable part of lighting up. Shaking the cigarette out into your hand, and something between your lips are all part of the habit. You can still keep this habit by switching out lolipops or Quit Picks for the habit of shaking out a cigarette.

While this won’t help with the nicotine cravings, it will help with the rest of the habit. Our Quit Tea can really help reduce cravings and keep you relaxed as well!

Speak With Your Doctor

Quitting cold turkey is very difficult, and if you’re struggling on your own you may be struggling needlessly. Your doctor may have recommendations to help you, such as medication to reduce cravings, or nicotine gums or patches that reflect your current needs.

Your doctor certainly wants to help you quit, so this is a practical and potentially very beneficial step.

Tell Your Friends and Coworkers

If you commit to others and not just yourself, a little peer pressure may help you keep your goal. Ask them to help keep you honest, so that even after your own will starts to wain, others may be there to support you. While you may not thank yourself when a coworker catches you lighting up on the job, years from now when you discover how much you’re saving on cigarettes you’ll probably be cheering their efforts.

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