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Cordyceps Extract: What Is It, And Why Should You Use It?


Cordyceps Extract is a health supplement that can be mixed into your food or shakes. It comes from a mushroom that that has been used as medicine in China for centuries. Today, it is harvested and shipped globally, allowing many to benefit from this ancient remedy. The extract contains two key components: Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris. Just a couple of teaspoons a day can do wonders for your body. Here are a few of its key benefits:

1. It Can Improve Your Health on a Cellular Level

Cordyceps Extract can increase your body’s production of ATP. If you remember from Biology class, ATP gives your cells the energy they need to function. Fermentation occurs when your cells don’t get enough oxygen creating ADP in lieu of ATP and causes lactic acid buildup. That’s where the soreness in your muscles originates. Maximizing your body’s oxygen use will improve your workout and results. Studies have shown a 7% increase in performance for older adults and an 11% increase in younger adults.

2. It Can Reduce Your Risk of Developing Some Cancers

Researchers have found that cordyceps may block the growth of tumors. Specifically, such studies have seen tumor blocking in human cancer cells, especially in the lung, colon, skin, and liver. The tests have not been conducted in humans, yet, but the progress has been seen in cells within a test tube and in animal trials.

3. It Can Aid in the Treatment of Diabetes

Back to Biology class! Diabetes is a disease where your body cannot produce or respond properly to insulin. Insulin is used to transport glucose, aka sugar, into your cells to produce energy, Cellular Respiration 101. Cordyceps Extract has shown evidence to keep blood sugar levels within steady ranges, which would help diabetics.

4. It Can Improve Heart Health

Cordyceps Extract is used in China as an approved method to treat heart arrhythmia testifying to its heart health abilities. Another way this extract can improve your heart health is by decreasing LDL cholesterol, or the “bad” cholesterol. Less LDL buildup in your arteries decreases the chance of heart disease.

5. It Can Decrease Inflammation 

A research study reported that when human cells came into contact with Cordyceps Extract ingredients it suppressed the proteins that cause inflammation. It also showed a reduction in skin inflammation when used topically. Human studies have yet to be conducted, but the results are promising.

Cordyceps Extract: A Supplement Your Whole Body Will Appreciate

There you have it. Cordyceps Extract is easy to use in your everyday life and can improve your health all the way into your golden years.

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