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A Chamomile Foot Soak That Can Help You Relax


Chamomile has amazing properties when sipped as a tea or even simply taken as an Extract. It's mellow flavor helps us unwind and its medicinal properties work to help us relax and prepare for sleep. On top of all these benefits, chamomile also has no unpleasant side effects.

Sipping on an herbal tea isn't the only way to use chamomile however, it also does wonders in a variety of different applications. One way to help you get the most out of your Chamomile Extract is to turn it into a relaxing foot soak. Here's what you need to do.


Whisk these ingredients together in a bowl (yes, dry) and pour into a jar. You want the jar to be in an air tight container in order to preserve its freshness. You can store it dried this way, and it makes a wonderful gift for the holidays. All you have to do is find a cute jar and a ribbon or tag to put it in, and you'll have a wonderful gift your friends and family will appreciate.

When you're ready to use it, put about half a cup of the mixture in a basin large enough for your feet to comfortably soak in. Fill the basin with warm water, and let your poor tired feet soak in the water. The milk will make your feet feel baby soft, the salt will help with soreness, and the chamomile will help you relax and unwind. Let your feet soak for a good 20 minutes, and don't forget to listen to music or let your mind tune out in other ways.

How it works:

As your feet soak in the water, the chamomile is doing some amazing things for your feet. Chamomile can help reduce swelling in your feet, and it can help your nerves relax, preparing and paving the way for a restful nights sleep.

While we may not want to think about the condition of our feet and toenails, if you happen to have a toenail fungus, a chamomile foot soak is also helpful in getting rid of that fungus, especially in combination with the epsom salts. Just remember to thoroughly dry your toes after the soak in order to help give your toes the best possible chance for healing.

If your feet are itchy and uncomfortable, chamomile doesn't just calm nerves for sleep, it can also calm your nerves that are irritated by fungus or bacterial infections.

This gentle remedy is one of the best for your tired feet, and you'll feel like you've been in the lap of luxury after giving your feet this incredible treatment. Your feet work hard for you all day, and are often put into non-ideal conditions such as tight fitting shoes, uncomfortable heels, and sometimes very moist conditions. A chamomile foot soak is the perfect way to treat your feet, and give yourself the relaxation you deserve.

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