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Chaga is the Choice for Athletes


Most sports take a degree of endurance in order to be successful at them. Whether you are running a marathon or playing a long football game, endurance is what helps you cross the finish line. It can take a long time and plenty of sweat equity to reach a good point of endurance.

If you're eager to improve your endurance, chaga mushrooms may be able to help. This ancient mushroom has long been used by foresters and hunters to help improve their endurance, and they can help on the field too. Here's how you can benefit from them.

Chaga is Packed With Nutrients

In order to build muscle, strength, or speed, you need nutrition for your body. This means not just calories for fuel, but also a large range of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to supply your body with the building blocks it needs to be healthy.

Chaga has a wide range of antioxidants, b vitamins, and minerals to help give you energy and help your body be as healthy as possible.

Perhaps one of its most important vitamins is vitamin D. Mushrooms like chaga are one of the only good natural sources of vitamin D, outside of fatty fish. Even milk is fortified with vitamin D, or it wouldn't be a good source.

Chaga can create its own vitamin D, making it a great strategy to get it naturally if you live in a cloudy area. Vitamin D is essential for athletes for bone health and muscle tissue function, making chaga a potentially very important supplement.

Chaga Has Been Used for Endurance for Over 800 Years

Chaga has been used to boost vitality in Scandinavian countries for the last 800 years. People have used it for a boost of energy, to ward off the cold, and to increase their endurance for centuries. Until recently this has simply been a folk tale, with no science to back it up.

The endurance power of chaga was only put to scientific test in 2016, when scientists supplemented a group of mice with chaga, and compared it to a control group without the supplement. They then tested how long it too for the mice to fatigue during a swim test. The mice who were supplemented with chaga performed noticeably better on the test.

This test has yet to be reproduced in humans, but many athletes are already using chaga in their routines.

If your passion involves a sport, you probably spend a lot of time building your body and trying to make it as powerful as possible. Once you've maxed yourself out on training and nutrition, supplements can be a path forward to reaching your athletic goals.

Natural supplements will always be a better choice compared to synthetic ones, because on top of offering you the benefits of the plant, it also offers you nutrition and a wide range of other benefits too. Chaga is a great supplement to try, and it's easy to make into a coffee or tea with a small amount of powdered extract.

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