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Make The Ultimate Soothing Cream Using Your Chaga Extract


Chaga mushrooms are a popular supplement used for a variety of purposes. The strange looking mushroom is packed with anti-oxidants and nutrients, as well as for its immune boosting properties. This amazing mushroom isn't just for making into a tea or taking as a pill however, it also has unique purposes outside the body.

This versatile mushroom is sometimes used by survivalists to light fires, and can soothe and calm burns on the body. If you've been looking for a natural and soothing skin cream, a lotion or cream with chaga in it may help speed the healing process and leave your skin feeling fresh and soft at the same time.

Chaga mushrooms have been in use to treat skin problems for hundreds of years, but the modern beauty industry has only just begun to catch on. There are just a few places where you can get creams with chaga in them, but you can also make your own natural cream at home too, and you only need a couple of ingredients.

You will need:

  • 1 cup of shea butter
  • 1 ½ tsp of grapeseed oil
  • 1 tsp of Chaga Extract
  • 20-30 drops of lavender essential oil (optional)

You'll also need the following equipment:

  • Mixer
  • A glass jar big enough for the lotion
  • A double boiler


Sterilize all the equipment you will be using for this project. This includes the jar you will be placing the vessel in, the mixer, and the double boiler.

Using a double boiler, heat the water on the outside until boiling. If you don't have a double boiler, you can make one by putting a heat safe bowl inside of a larger pot. Add water to the outer pot so that the bowl is surrounded by water, but can't be flooded by it.

Lower the heat and place your shea butter and grapeseed oil in the pan. Melt these together at the lowest temperature you can manage. Once it is melted, let it cool until it is opaque and about as thick as a thin pudding. This could take several hours. You can put it in the fridge also, but if you forget it is there you may end up having to start the melting process over again.

When it is ready, put it in the mixer and add the Chaga Extract and essential oils. Blend it! If it doesn't blend into a thick cream after 5 minutes, you may need to wait for it to cool a little longer.

Once it is done, fill your jar and enjoy! If you want to pipe the lotion, you'll want to do it right away. If you wait too long the lotion will continue to harden and you won't be able to work with it as easily as in the past.

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