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Its Pollinator Week! Celebrate the Bees


This week is Pollinator Week, a week dedicated to celebrating one of the most important animals on earth—pollinators. While there are many different kinds of pollinators, from bats and birds to butterflies and beetles, bees are one of the most well recognized of all of them. Without pollinators like them, 85%-90% of all plant life on earth would no longer exist.

On top of all this, bees also produce honey, beeswax, and propolis. These are all important products that humans have been using for thousands of years for our health and well-being.

While you've probably heard of honey and beeswax before, you may not be familiar with propolis. Bee propolis is a waxy substance that coats and protects the hive. Bees use it to keep their hive healthy, and humans use it for coating and protecting too. Our Bee Propolis Throat Spray is made from bee propolis, to help soothe and protect with one of nature's most amazing products.

It's important to take care of bees, and to provide them with the habitat they need in order to thrive. You can help by avoiding using pesticides in your home garden, putting out bee friendly plants, and selecting flowers that bloom early in spring or late in fall, when bees need them most.

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