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Almond Milk is Murdering America's Bee Population


Almond milk is killing the bees.

I was confused when I was made aware about this as well. 

The Guardian has reported that honeybees are dying after being sent to help pollinate almond farms in California. This is a huge problem. We (humans) rely on bees to pollinate 1 in every 3 foods that we consume. Imagine your favorite foods you eat gone, or just spike up in price. 

The bees are sent to almond farms because beekeepers need to make some extra money. Almond farms are offering them high sums of money that they cannot turn down. It has become harder and harder for bee keepers to make a money just off of selling honey due to international markets chopping down the prices of honey. 

It turns out that the bees are being overworked on the farms, as if they are slaves. They are being treated poorly and disrespected with smoke, and harsh conditions. 

How many bees are dying? 

More bees than ever. According to The Guardian, commercial beekeepers who send their hives to the almond farms are seeing their bees die in record numbers, and nothing they do seems to stop the decline.

The bees are also being brought from all over the USA, so some bees from Wisconsin and some are from New York. The bees then cross contaminate with one another and are spreading different sickness to one another. 

Namaste Supplements is here to help support the bees. We have pledged to give 30% of our profits to Bee keepers that practice safe treating of the bees. 

We love the bees and need the bees! 

If you want to help out, buy some of our bee propolis, which we extract in a loving way from the bee hive, or reach out to a non profit here

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