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5 Amazing Things Running Can Do for Your Health

by Jacob Riff |

Many people take to the streets or treadmills in order to better their health. Running is a great form of exercise because starting can be as cheap and accessible as going outside, and the results for your body are amazing. Here are 5 wonderful things running can do for your health.

It Can Help You Lose Weight

One of the major reasons most people take up running in the first place is for weight loss. When combined with proper diets and supplements, this can be a viable path to losing weight and keeping it off. Supplements such as Magnolia Bark, which is geared toward helping weight loss from those who gain weight due to stress, Olive Leaf Extract, and many others can make a difference in your program on top of running.

They Can Start You on Healthier Habits

Running can be a gateway to other, healthier habits. The healthy and accomplished feeling you get from a run could make you decide to choose water over a soda, or to buy yourself some quit picks to help you quit smoking so you can run faster.

Good habits lead to a healthier habit, and make you feel even better about yourself. That can only be a good thing.

It Can Improve Your Mental Health

Many of us suffer from mental health problems, whether those problems are treated or not. If you are stressed about your work, have anxiety, poor body image, or suffer from depression, getting out there and going for a run can benefit all of these.

Mental health can truly make a difference in your life, and if you can do all that and get a little exercise in too, why not?

Better Skin

One surprising benefit from running is better skin. Although we often associate breaking a sweat with breaking out, sweating can actually help your skin by flushing toxins, oils, and other build up out of your pours before you can get acne. Just make sure to shower once the run is over so you can rinse the sweat off your face and prevent dirt and debris from migrating back into your pours.

Good For Your Heart

Studies have proven that running can lower your LDL or “Bad” cholesterol, while at the same raising your HDL or “Good” cholesterol. It also helps keep your heart fit and trim, so your heart can maintain strength throughout your life.

Running has so many benefits, and it is free to start. Although you may eventually find yourself pouring money into better running shoes, racing gear, and races themselves, the benefit to your health and the enjoyment of your life is a fair trade.

There's no reason not to start. Get out there and go for a run today. If you're worried about not being able to manage it, download an app for your phone such as Couch25k, which guides you through how to walk/run in a safe manner, building you up from having never run before to running 5ks safely.

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